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5 Fab K-Pods for Your Keurig Coffee Maker

Enjoying a quality cup of coffee at a vacation rental is an experience guests treasure.

Selecting the correct amenities for your vacation property is an essential component of your rental business success. Previously we reviewed the Keurig K-Elite and determined that it is a fine product that we highly endorse for use in all vacation rental properties. Amenities that add value to your guest experience are well worth the investment as they will quickly pay for themselves over time. Today we will look at a few of our favorite K-Cup pods that we encourage you to try at your STR (short term rental) properties.


👉This post contains paid affiliate links. Note that any product we promote we stand behind 100% and honestly believe to be an asset to our readers. The commission received allows us to maintain this site and continue to produce quality content. We truly appreciate our readers' support.


Coffee - Recommended Pods For Your Vacation Rental Guests

SF Bay Coffee

The coffee pods from SF Bay are hands down own favorite. They have great flavor and are sustainably produced, packaged in compostable pods, and reasonably priced. What's not to love? Available in a variety of flavors and decaf, there is something for everyone to enjoy here.

SF Bay Coffee is part of the Rogers Family Company dedicated to running their business the right way. Below is the company mantra.

SF Bay Coffee - "We knew the coffee industry needed to change and it would start with us."

At SF Bay Coffee, we are committed to continue progressing in coffee farming and production by practicing innovation and sustainability, offering fair trade to our farmers, and minimizing waste, all while providing the best coffee. Our practices include methods that break the wall of normal from the first fully compostable OneCup to using yeast in our milling methods; we love to push the envelope. But this wouldn't be possible without our farmers and their dedication to providing us with high-quality beans. And without you, customers who believe in us.


  • ONE: Pay the farmer above the cost of production.

  • TWO: Work to improve the quality and quantity of coffee they produce on the farm.

  • THREE: Improve the social conditions of a farm.

  • FOUR: Improve the social conditions of a community.


Cappuccino - Sweet Treats for You Keurig Coffee Maker

Gevalia Cappuccino

Full disclaimer on this one - this is good, but it is expensive. You will have to like your guests to provide this for them. At over $1.00 per K-Cup, the price may be prohibitive unless you purchase through Amazon's Subscribe and Save program. Doing so can save you 5% to 15%, depending on the frequency of your orders.

If you are thrifty like me, you may save the Gevalia for yourself and get your guests a more reasonably priced product, like Grove Square. We are running a business here.

Grove Square Cappuccino.

This French Vanilla cappuccino is very similar to the sweet concoction you get out of the convenience store's machines. You know the stuff that is either watery or comes out way too strong. That being the case, many people, like my wife, love it. The flavor is pretty consistent as well. The best thing here is that it is less than a third of the price of Gevalia. If it's cheap, and most non-coffee snobs like it, why not try it?


Teas - Iced And Hot For Your Rental Guest's Delight

There are plenty of options when it comes to tea K-cup pods. We have tried a number of the large multi-flavored packs with varying success. What we have found is that although they are economical, the flavors can be hit or miss. We often find one or two flavors per package that are a challenge to enjoy, and those tend to be the high quantity varieties.

Because of this, we are recommending going with some old standby's that won't let you down.

Lipton Premium Black Tea and Lipton Iced Tea K-Cups

These classics from Lipton will please most of your tea-loving guests and are a reasonable value. Available in both a traditional hot black tea and in an iced variety (hot over ice cubes). Throw in a lemon wedge (and perhaps a pinch of sugar), and you are good to go. It doesn't get much better than that on a hot summer afternoon.


Hot Cocoa: K-Cup Treats for Wintertime Enjoyment

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Hot Cocoa

We formerly used the Solimo hot cocoa pods, which were Amazon's generic brand. Our kids loved them, and our guests nearly always used them up, so they must have been good. For some unknown reason, Amazon discontinued the Solimo pods and replaced them with these from Happy Belly. We like them nearly as well, and they are still a good value at around $.50 per serving. There is no doubt more authentic flavored cocoa out there but at a much higher price point.


Apple Cider - Best Bet For Cool Autumn Evenings

Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider

There is not much better than a hot mug of apple cider on a crisp Autumn evening. Pamper your VRBO / Airbnb guests a bit with these tasty K-Cup pods from Green Mountain. It is full-flavored and sweet without being overwhelming. Bought in bulk, these pods are priced reasonably enough to be given as a complimentary item. Expect these to be way more popular in the winter than the summer and order accordingly unless you live somewhere tropical, of course.

Now that we have set you up with all of these K-Cup recommendations, you will need somewhere to store them. This wall mount unit holds twenty pods, and its sleek design fits almost anywhere. It also has a hand corkboard for quick notes.


Wrap Up: Keurig K-Cup Pods

Adding a Keurig coffee machine to your vacation rental properties is an amenity that will add value to your guest experience. Selecting the pods that your guests will love while providing you as the host a good deal is a key to making this amenity shine.

Stop back soon as we will have more ideas for amenities that will make your vacation rental property rise to the top.


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