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Amenity Analysis - Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker

Selecting the correct amenities for your vacation property is an essential component of your rental business success. By adding to your guests' experience, you will get more bookings, improve your reviews, and have more repeat customers.

We have been using the Keurig K-Elite in our STR (short term rental) units for the past year. They have proven to be an exceptional addition to our properties. Our property listings on VRBO, Airbnb, and rank consistently high due in part to the addition of great amenities such as this. What follows is our honest product review.

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Savant's Findings

Here is a wrap-up of our findings after more than a year of use. We will take a deeper dive into some of our favorite features as well.

Vacation Rental Savant provides their honest review of the Keurig K-Elite Coffee Maker.

Multi-beverage Type Brewing

Our favorite feature of Keurig K-Elite is the ability to brew various beverages depending on your guest's tastes. You can also brew cappuccino, hot cocoa, and ciders along with the usual coffees and teas. This feature is perfect for families with kids as they love a sweet treat of their own. Our kids love the hot cocoa after a day on the ski hill.

Cold Brew compatibility allows for glasses of iced coffee and teas on a hot summer day. Just add ice and perhaps a lemon wedge to your glass and brew!


Large Capacity Reservoir

With a 72 ounce, the Keurig K-Elite can brew 8 cups before refilling. We fill it once in the morning and forget about it until the next day. A flashing indicator light lets you know when it is time to fill the reservoir


Multiple Cup Sizes

Having the option of brewing a variety of cup sizes is very handy when you have a group of guests. Some folks like myself want the biggest, strongest cup of coffee in the morning. Kids on the other hand may just want a small mug of apple cider. The Keurig K-Elite can satisfy everyone every with options of 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-ounce cup sizes.


My K Cup Filter Compatibility

Although an incredible number of coffee K pods from many brands are readily available, some people prefer their ground coffee. The Keurig K-Elite is compatible with refillable filters pods that allow the use of one's favorite ground coffee. Just add the coffee to the filter and brew.

Some customers recommend also using the paper filters below to reduce sediment and for ease of cleaning.


What the Community Thinks

Here is a wrap-up provided by featuring one of the most useful customer reviews.

Amazon customer reviews for the Keurig K-Elite by star system.  80% of the reviews are 5 star and 11% are 4 star. custom reviews by feature.  All features listed are 4.5 stars or higher.


This is the best Keurig brewer made so far. I am coming from all the super deluxe features and touchscreen of the K575, and I don't miss any of them! The flavor of the coffee brewed by this new Elite model rivals any coffee shop! A taste comparison of the same coffee from the 575 vs. Elite proves the Elite steps ahead!

The design is more streamlined. There is NO MORE: Touchscreen, larger pod capability, carafe, Multi-color water tank, or 2.0 Keurig lockout for non-Keurig branded pods, or long, noisy wait times for heating.

There IS the capability for multiple brew sizes, a brew over ice feature, Hot water at the press of a button WITHOUT having to lift the lid, A digital clock with Auto-On feature, Auto-Off after various time intervals, a much better pod system mechanism, and a very quick and much less noisy heating system between brews! You can also adjust the water temperature; there is a setting for those in high elevations and a much-improved drip tray that is much more scratch-resistant. You can also remove the drip tray, and there is a platform for travel mugs.

The system performs much better overall, and the coffee taste output is the best yet even without choosing the STRONG BREW setting, which is also featured! The only two things I would change is to have the water tank cover hinged (you have to remove the entire top on this one, although I like the rectangular design of the Elite better than the weird shape of the K575 one) and it would be more convenient if the clock were in a lower area, as it is hard to see when the Elite is rolled back under the cabinets.


How About The Negatives?

The only issue that we have had in using the Keurig K-Elite for the past year for our STR business is cleaning the brewing head. Admittedly we are nitpicking here as this is a minor issue. Brewing sticky pods like hot cocoa can be a bit messy. It would be desirable if the brewing nozzle were removable for easier cleaning. We use a disinfectant wipe and clean it up the best we can frequently.

We also reviewed some of the low percentage of negative reviews on Most of these reviews seem to be caused by water with high mineral content affecting the sensors. Consistent changing of the recommended filters and proper routine maintenance should remedy these problems. We acknowledge that there are no doubt a few defectives units as well, as this is the case with all manufactured products.

Below are some of the recommended maintenance products for keeping the Keurig K-Elite in peak condition.



Wrap Up : Keurig-K-Elite

The Keurig K-Elite is a fine product that we highly endorse for use in all vacation rental properties. The combination of superior features and a competitive price tag makes this product an excellent amenity. It will undoubtedly add value to your guest experience.


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