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Amazingly Unique Options For Vacation Rental Properties

The vacation rental property market is highly competitive as more and more resourceful people look to profit from their homes. Prospective guests are increasingly looking for rentals that stand out from the crowd. If you want to impact your market, consider a listing a little outside the norm. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Tiny homes come in many styles and feature luxurious amenities typically found in larger homes.

Tiny Houses

The tiny house movement began when housing prices soared, and people yearned for a simpler life. Generally, less than 400 square feet, these homes are significantly cheaper than a traditional home. They are environmentally friendly due to their reduced footprint and lower energy demands.

At an average price of $23,000, tiny houses are more affordable than most other short-term rental options. Suppose you have a vacant lot or even some extra space on your existing property. In that case, a tiny house could be a money-making option. Be sure to check with your municipality for any ordinances or zoning regulations.

Check out this fantastic Tiny Home located lakeside near us.

Click Here for the Airbnb site link.

Tiny homes fit readily into smaller spaces.  They are perfect for vacant lots that would otherwise be challenging to utilize.ct

We recommend checking out the building plans offered by Humble Homes. They are a reputable company offering a variety of designs at very reasonable prices.


House Boats

A waterfront property can be a real goldmine in the right market. Consider a used boat in need of some TLC. Fix it up nice with some tasteful decor, and you have a winner. Markets with a marina near tourist destinations such as you would find in Seattle are scorching hot. Watch the pilot episode of the Netflix series "Stay Here" for inspiration.

To find great deals on fixer uppers try online boat dealers like or check local listings on Craigslist.


Tree Houses

Treehouses as short term rentals have gained popularity in warm-weather locales such as Texas. They are perfect for active families, as kids will love to explore them. Check out this poolside gem listen on Airbnb.

Click Here for the Airbnb site link.

Tree houses are gaining popularity for family-friendly fun.

Not surprisingly, livable tree houses are on the higher end of the price scale.



What the heck is a yurt? Traditional yurts originated in Asia and were commonly covered with furs and had a dirt floor. Modern yurts are much more comfortable, with wood floors and radiant heating. You can purchase a functional unit for $10,000 or less. Consider one if you have an outdoor space in a recreational area, such as you would find near State Parks or other rustic regions.

Check out this yurt in the Great Smoky Mountains of North Carolina. It has a hot tub and washer and dryer!

Click Here for the VRBO site link.

Yurts are gaining a following in the vacation rental market.  Relatively inexpensive, they are a favorite in rural areas for active travelers.

A Few Other Fun Options

Here are a couple of other unique ideas to have some fun exploring. Even if they may not be practical for most folks, they show the endless options if you have the imagination and motivation.

Shipping Container Homes

This unique rental in North Carolina is a repurposed shipping container. Economical and fascinating, it is a popular rental on Airbnb.

Click Here for the Airbnb site link.

Repurposing of industrial items, such as shipping containers, is growing in popularity as rental owners seek unique options.

Here are a pair of genuinely unbelievable vacation rental homes from Costa Rica. Couple the properties' uniqueness with the beautiful location, and you have a destination rental sure to bring in a tidy profit.

School Bus In Paradise

Click Here for the VRBO site link.

Here is a modified school bus used as a unique vacation rental property.

Airplane Fuselage in the Jungle

Click Here for the VRBO site link.

An airplane fuselage has been modified to accommodate guests in this VRBO listing.

Limitless Options

Imagination is the only limitation of the possibilities for unique vacation rental properties. There is a market for most creative design, with the rewards for your ingenuity being a handsome payoff.


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