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Special Touches to Make Your Vacation Rental Truly Memorable to Guests


The vacation rental market industry is highly competitive, with guests having many options to choose from. With choices galore on Airbnb and VRBO, rising to the top of the listings can be challenging. So how can you stand out from the crowd? These simple visitor perks can really make a difference when it comes to creating a memorable guest experience. You will see the difference in your excellent reviews and a spike in repeat customers as well.

Simple guest perks can mean the difference between an average vacation stay and a truly extraordinary one.

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Welcome Basket

Guest welcome baskets are a simple yet effective means of improving the overall guest experience for vacation rental property hosts.

A welcome basket or gift is a great way to make a strong first impression on your guests. When they walk thru the door and see a care package waiting for them, they will know that the owners care about their guests. The tone is now set for an awesome stay.

The welcome gift does not need to be anything expensive or elaborate. We often leave a quality chocolate bar and a welcome note. Expensive properties may want to consider a full basket, complete with wine and local favorites.


Special Occasion Gift

Special occasions are the perfect opportunity for Airbnb hosts to positively impact their guests experience.

Want to make a huge impression? Surprise your guests with a gift to celebrate a special occasion. We often have guests tell us that they are visiting to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. This is the perfect time to splurge a little and really make an impact.

Choose your gift, depending on the occasion. We have provided Birthday cakes for birthdays, along with party favors for kids. Wine and restaurant gift cards are perfect for anniversaries. A few decorations, such as balloons or banners, can help set the mood as well. Just don't miss out on these opportunities to set your place apart.


Gift Card to Area Attraction

Gift cards to area attractions or restaurants are another tool for the savvy vacation rental host to use to improve guest experience.

Do you have a special attraction or a great restaurant in your area? Providing a gift card or discount coupon to the venue can be a fantastic way to tell your Airbnb guest, "Thank you." Some restaurants may even provide you with free drink or appetizer vouchers as a way to get visitors in their door. Just be sure that you only send your guests to quality establishments. It doesn't serve any purpose to provide a free pass to a sub-standard eatery.


Ornament or Magnet with Rental Property Information

A custom made item such as a magnet or ornament can be the perfect reminder for your guests of their stay. Add custom text such as your website or email address, and you have created a marketing tool for repeat customers. Request bulk pricing from a company such as we have listed below to minimize your expense. The cost to the manufacturer is the initial design and set up, not subsequent copies.

Customized magnets and ornaments are a superb way to say thanks while providing a great means of advertising for repeat customers.


Thank You Card

Thank you cards are a simple and cost-effective way to make an impression with your vacation rental guests.

The most basic personalized touch for your vacation rental property is a Thank You card. Inexpensive and simple, your visitors will know that they are appreciated.

This is also a great time to offer a discount for a future visit. We are sure to provide a promo code for our loyal repeat customers to use when they book directly through our website. It is a win-win situation as the customer gets a better deal, and we save money in terms of listing site commission fees.


Spend a Few Bucks Now, Reap the Rewards Later

One of the keys to separating your vacation rental home from the crowd is providing special touches that your guests will remember. Making the guest experience truly memorable will result in more 5-star reviews and customer loyalty in the form of repeat customers. The few bucks spent upfront will come back around and be well worth the effort.


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