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Totally Free and Amazingly Awesome 2021 Vacation Rental Owner's Reservation Calendar for Excel

Vacation Rental Savant presents their 2021 Vacation Rental Owner's reservation calendar.

Coming Soon! Expected availability 12/1/2020. We are introducing our new 2021 Vacation Rental Owners Reservation Calendar. Created with Excel, this handy tool is fully automated to organize and simplify your bookings. As we provide this tool completely free, we ask that you support us by liking our page and sharing on social media. Pinning us on Pinterest is much appreciated.

Awesome Features

  • Totally FREE to use, no hidden fees for ANYTHING.

  • Calculations are fully automated.

  • Simple to use, no Excel expertise is required.

  • Easy guest data entry system.

  • Month to Date and Year to Date Income Calculators.

  • Rental earnings are displayed by listing site.

  • Income graphics by month and listing site.


Calendar Demonstration

Here is a simple walk-through of the data entry and some of the calendar's best features. Screenshots are to simplify the instructions.

Start Page For Data Entry

Start by clicking on the tab marked Start Here. This tab is where you will be typing in the name of your Vacation Rental listing site(s). The calendar is fully functional if you only use one listing site; the graphs may not be as cool, though.

Enter data easily to auto populate the calendar.

Monthly Reservation Entries

The next step is to enter any upcoming 2021 reservations that you have. Click on the tab for the applicable month and enter guest information in the data table. Most of the data entry can be made via drop-down menus for ease of use. Also, enter in your monthly earnings goal where it says "Enter Monthly Goal."

Guest stay information is entered with easy to use drop down menus.

Calendar, Tables, and Graphs Auto Populate

After entering the reservation information in the data entry table, the calendar and all graphics and earnings tables will autofill. Any time new data is entered, the entire workbook will update automatically.

MOnth to date income and revenue by listing site are automatically generated.

Year to date and income broken down by month are displayed in easy to understand graphs.
Year to date and income broken down by month are displayed in easy to understand graphs.

Total income by source and percentage are displayed for short term rental owners to readily compare.

Future Enhancements

We plan on adding Occupancy Rates and other enhancements to future generations of the Vacation Rental Owners Calendar. Feel free to contact us with any suggestions that you may have for upcoming years.


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